Training courses


Topics List of DCC in-house seminars

All seminars usually include
- seminar materials,
- participation certificate
- proficiency certificate
- group exercises
- written knowledge test.

Sampling according to LAGA PN 98

Proficiency course sampling of solid waste materials
according to Directive LAGA PN 98
Duration: 1 day

Sampling of import coal 0/50 mm

Proficiency course manual sampling of import coal
in accordance with DIN 51701 / ISO 18 283
Duration: 1 day
Includes: course materials, certificate of attendance, proficiency certificate, group exercises

Sampling of secondary fuels

Proficiency course sampling of solid recovered fuels (RDF) by BGS eV and DIN EN standards

Sampling of biofuels

Proficiency course sampling of solid biofuels
(eg wood pellets, wood chips ...)
Requirements for Accreditation to ISO 17025
implementation of ISO 17025 for laboratories and sampling institutes,
design, introduction and implementation of quality management systems
- internal / external audits
- Training

Parameters in the fuel trade

This course is designed for (addresses to) merchants without chemical knowledge.
The properties of fuels and the definition and interpretation of payroll-related
Parameters are explained. The topics are:
- Water
- Ash
- Ballast
- Immediatanalyse
- sulfur
- CO2 balance
- Calories Ho
- Sampling
- trade practices in the fuel industry (eg: tel quel clause)
- Calculation of penalties and penalties for deviations in quality
- physical and chemical analysis
- insurance claims
- storage and transportation of fuels
- deficiency, short delivery, loss amounts, deductible
- unexplained assets losses
- Storage Monitoring, (Stockpile survey and protection)
- Self-heating, spontaneous combustion
- infrared measurements, thermal imaging surveillance

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