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At whom round robin tests for solid fuels are aimed?

The target group of our round robin tests are laboratories in the areas of:
- Power Plant / industrial laboratories
- Commercial laboratories (inspection company)
- Authorities
- Research
- Mining
- Utilities
- steel and metallurgical laboratories
- cement industry
- fuel trade
- Waste disposal companies
- waste incineration

Hands-on round robin tests according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17043 and ISO Guide 43

As far as possible we want to offer practical round robin tests, in which the entire measurement procedure can be tested. All round robin tests will be run according to the specifications of DIN EN ISO / IEC 17043 and the ISO Guide 43. Forms for registration for the round robin tests you can receive at the download section or directly into the right-hand column of the store module. The DCC-robin tests are anonymous.

Each laboratory has its own laboratory code number that changes every year.

We offer anonymous, neutral and independant evaluation.